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SMM (social networks)



Social media promotion.


SMM OR PROMOTION IN SOCIAL NETWORKS - a complex of works aimed at increasing the popularity of a brand, product or service.

We offer services for conducting advertising campaigns on social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram.

    SMM is a full-fledged advertising channel that will help you:

  • 1 | Increasing reach and brand awareness.
  • 2 | The growth of targeted traffic to the website being promoted (P.S. has a positive effect on SEO promotion).
  • 3 | Building a loyal audience and increasing product loyalty.
  • 4 | Informing customers about your news, changes, promotions.
  • 5 | Increasing sales


  • Изучение Studying the activities of the company and competitors.
  • Анализ Target audience analysis.
  • Разработка Content plan development.
  • Сегментирование Segmenting the target audience.
  • Запуск Launch of advertising activities and campaigns.
  • Привлечение Attracting the attention of users.
  • Работа Working with subscribers.

To achieve the best result in the development of your activities, it is better to use the additional service of TARGETED ADVERTISING.


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