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Get to the top naturally with no conversion fees.


Search engine promotion is a complex work on external and internal website optimization aimed at increasing traffic, conversion, visibility in Yandex and Google and, accordingly, the growth of calls, sales, requests.

Without optimization, the traffic to the resource will be very low or even zero. Optimization rules are set by search engines, each of them has a certain ranking algorithm, thanks to which this or that web page takes place in the search results for a specific request.

Why shouldn't we forget about the CEO? The modern user is tired of intrusive advertising on the Internet. Therefore, he no longer believes any ad as much as natural links in search results.

SEO work flow chart:

  • Analysis of your site and its subject matter.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Collecting the semantic core of the site and drawing up a relevance map.
  • Error detection, download speed.
  • Internal optimization.
  • Working with external factors (registration in catalogs, reference books,..).
  • Post-update analysis. Work on the website and external factors.

Why contact us on this topic:

Safe promotion

Incorrect optimization leads to a negative reaction from Yandex and Google, and in case of malicious violations - the complete exclusion of the site from the search.

An effect that is visible from the start

The results of website promotion by traffic are noticeable in 2-3 months after the launch of the project.


Reports and statistics are always available in Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics.

Fair point

We do not customize the reports to meet the customer's expectations, but show everything as it is.

Trusted by Search Engines

We are working to increase the citation of materials and the "trust" of the site.

* SEO promotion is a complex work, so its cost is formed individually, but you can roughly estimate the cost in our price list.

To get the result of website promotion faster, we recommend using both advertising methods SEO + context - contextual advertising compensates for the lack of applications at the first stages of promotion, and traffic from advertising contributes to good indicators of user factors.


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